Friday, May 16, 2008

Good bye Lwiro, for now...

Then time was there for me and Jeanette to leave Lwiro and go back to Norway. It was very very sad to leave the people, the chimps and the monkeys. It has been very intersting, wonderful and stressfull 8 months. I will miss everyone a lot! It is a great project for the primates and the local comunity, and I will do my best to raise money when I get home, because I know how desperatly they need it. And of course I will be back, in hopefully not too long.

The workers sang for me and Jeanette the last afternoon we spent at the sanctuary, very touching. Be well everyone at Lwiro, I will be back soon!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

A few updates

Julius has now finished his quarantine and spend his time with the other babies in the sanctuary or in the forrest. He loves playing with the others.

Kalume finally seems to be getting better, he enjoys his walks around the sanctuary and all the atention, he has become like a little baby! He also plays with the babies, but do find them a bit anoying.

Kalonge, the baby baboon, has moved in with our baboon group and it seems to be going well. Then it's just Kashusha, the adult male, to go...

The foundation of the new chimpanzee dormitory is finsihed, and we've got some money to continue, at least the outside wall.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Julius and Kanshi

Julius is doing very well, he is finally completely healthy from his cold, he plays a lot and seems very happy. He had a few days where he was a bit down with a bit of fever because he was getting his canine teeth, so now he has a full set of tiny canines :) He sleeps in a cage next to my bed, and wake up for a bottle and nappy change a couple of times each night. During the day we play in the garden and he likes to say hello to Kanshi through the bars on the quarantine cage.
Kanshi is also doing well in the quarantine cage with Claud, she also had a bit of a cold for a while, but she's now playing a lot.