Thursday, September 22, 2011

Itebero is introduced to Walikale!

On the 20th of September Itebero was introduced to Walikale for the first time! They had a great day together and even played quite a lot. Itebero also took well to Papa Luc, the caregiver! Itebero is now in with Walikale and Papa Luc full time and has adjusted very well. We will keep you updated!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Roots&Shoots Peace Day in Lwiro!

Last Sunday the R&S-Lwiro club celebrated the Peace Day! Another R&S group from Bukavu (R&S-Heri Kwetu) was invited to join them in this special celebration. This guest group is formed with children who come from the Heri Kwetu center which is a center for disabled, handicaped or orphan children. More than 200 kids were together to talk about the importance of the Peace not just for humans but also for the animals and the environment.

Both R&S clubs prepare banners, songs and dramas for the Peace Day. The kids enjoyed performing and sharing their peace wishes. They made a sign with their messages of peace on hand cut outs (Amani is Peace in swahili).

It was also a special date for sharing experiences and activities to protect the environment and especially the primates.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Meet Luguswa!

Last Friday afternoon a new chimp arrived unexpectedly to Lwiro in a tiny wooden cage. He was brought by authorities of the Ministery of the Environment of South Kivu. He had been confiscated in a village from the south of the province after being kept there as pet for 3 years...

The chimp name is Luguswa. He is a male about 4 years old with a very special personality. Although he is so thin, pale and hairless, he is strong and very confident with the keeper. His past must have been really hard and now he is really enjoying his new life at the sanctuary. He specially loves feeding many different kind of vegetables and fruits to choose!

Hopefully in few weeks he will get more weight and he will become a healthy and happy chimp ready to meet the group of youngers!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Walikale having a sun bath!

After some days of heavy rain at last the sun shines again in Lwiro! This morning was the time to have a sun bath and Walikale enjoyed the outdoors with his keeper. He is doing pretty well and he loves having naps.

Itebero is improving little by little. He needs to rest and get used to his new place. He is getting the best attention and cares. We'll post some pictures soon.