Saturday, October 24, 2009

Lulinga is doing very well!

Today Lulinga has been with us for 2 weeks already and she is doing fantastic. She played and ate well from day one and has not been sick. She had some parasites, but they've already been treated. Lulinga spends her days with her keeper for the quarantine periode Mama Dorcas, and she plays and eat all day, at the end of the day her stomach is very very full, and she's happy to go to sleep in her night cage. Here is some photos from her daily life.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

New enclosure for the baby monkeys

People that have been following this blog might have noticed that we've had a lot of new monkey baby arrivals in the last few months. We did not have appropriate cages for them and the little cages was getting very crowded. We tried to introduce some of them to the existing bigger groups, but with now luck, as the cages are allready full of monkeys. We desided we had to build a new cage. Luckily we had some materials from former projects so we only had to pay for some, plus the work and it turned out quite cheap.

We want to thank Raúl Cabrera a member of AICAS (Asociación Ibérica de Cuidadores de Animales Salvajes) for his kind donation which helped us build this much needed cage for the monkeys.
Putting trees inside before putting the mesh on.
Starting to put on the mesh.

Cage almost finished, only the door missing.
Yesterday the cage was finally finished and we moved 6 young monkeys, Bamboo, Nunuse, Hombo, Bunyakiri, Coco and Malimingi in. Malimingi was the first one to explore the enclosure and Bamboo, Nunuse and Coco quikly followed. Nunuse and Coco was running around playing after only minutes, and Bamboo was finding insects and grass that she liked to eat. Hombo and Bunyakiri were more scared and went into the little cage we have put into the enclosure to provide shelter for the rain. They stayed there for a while, but watching the others having the time of their life they soon came out and started exploring and playing. Soon they were ready to enjoy their first meal in their new home. They look very happy with the new cage!
Putting four of the new residents inside with their old cage.

All this space is a bit scary at first

Malimingi contemplating the new space.

Hombo and Bunyakiri feels safer in a smaller space at first.


First meal in new home, Bamboo, Coco, Hombo and Bunyakiri.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thank you!

We would like to thank two people for donating on this blog the last month. It really means a lot to us and makes a big difference here in Congo. The money will go towards building the new chimpanzee enclosure! More news on this coming here soon!
Thank you so much!

Alexa C. - 80 USD
Kyle W. - 50 USD


Sunday, October 11, 2009

Roots and shoots in Lwiro

Roots and shoots Lwiro club
We have started the first Roots&Shoots club in Lwiro! This group is formed for 9 girls and boys between 8 and 14 years old. All of them are sons and daugthers of CRPL staff. They are really interested in nature and they know well the work their parents do at the sanctuary. They also know a bit about the Kahuzi-Biega National Park and the wildlife found in this area.

Frank reading a tale for the rest of the group

Their activities take place in a new educational room that Coopera has close to the sanctuary. And some stationary material was bought with part of the donation from Jane Goodall Institute Spain to start educational activities in South Kivu throught the Roots&Shoots Program.

The first day we started the R&S activities talking and learning about chimpanzees and some facts about them. We used some educational books and tales from JGI. After that all the kids draw chimpanzees and we could decorate our new educational room.

The group in action

We also received an unexpected visit from Mr. Dieudonné Boji, the conservator of the national park, who brought a baby red tail monkey to the sanctuary. He explained to the kids the huge problem of bushmeat and the importance of the CRPL in the conservation of the primates in this zone.
The conservator of Kahuzi-Biega brought the confiscated monkey, Malimingi

The group R&S will meet up every week to learn more about wildlife, the problems it face and they will try to find solutions!

We would like to thank Jane Goodall Institute Spain for their collaboration and support to start this Roots and Shoots Program in Lwiro.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

New arrival, Lulinga

Today a new little chimp arrived in Lwiro. She was confiscated by the ICCN in the town of Lulingu wich is near the lowland part of Kahuzi-Biega nationalpark. We called her Lulinga as we allready got a monkey called Lulingu. Luckily she is in quite good condition and was very happy when we offered her mangoes. She will spend her month in quarantine with Mama Dorcas, who is very good with the baby chimpanzees.
Lulinga arriving in the ICCN car
Lulinga in her tiny cage
Lulinga with mama Dorcas

Friday, October 9, 2009

New toys for the babies

Today the nursery group woke up to a nice surprise. Last night after they had gone to bed we had put up some new “hammocks” made out of fire hoses in their cage. They loved the new addition and only just had time to drink their morning milk!

We would like to thank Laura Riera and her team, and the Mona Foundation in Spain for the hammocks, the babies will have a lot of fun with them!
Fizi enjoying the new hammock

Sunday, October 4, 2009

New arrival, Malimingi

Malimingi on arrival with monkey keeper Jacques.

Yet another monkey arrived today. She had also been confiscated from the militaries in Goma. She's a little red-tailed monkey and we called her Malimingi, wich means big riches in swahili. She was scared and hungry, but seems ok. She'll move in with the other baby monkeys tomorrow. The four babies Nunuse, Hombo, Coco and Bunyakiri had moved into a cage together and she will move in with them. They are all about the same size. But she'll get tonight to eat and settle in a bit. And then there was 104 primates in Lwiro...
Malimingi eating a mango

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Update on Butembo and Loia


Butembo and Loia have integrated well into the nursery group, which now consists of 11 small chimpanzees! Butembo and Loia are together with Aketi and Mangay the smallest ones in the group. They like to play with the other chimpanzees, but still play a lot with each other. Butembo has a very outgoing and playful character while Loia is a bit more serious and cautious.
Butembo and Loia hugging
Misisi and Butembo

Friday, October 2, 2009

New arrival, Maisha


The 29th of september yet another monkey arrived in Lwiro. This time, a young female owl-faced monkey. The ICCN had confiscated her from some soldiers in Goma, so she had a long journey behind her. We soon saw that she was missing her right foot, but it is an old injury and she seems used to it. Otherwise she seems healthy but very thin. She is almost adult as the characteristic stripe the owl-faced monkeys have in their face has started to appear. She is very sweet natured and loves being groomed. She is now in a cage on her own, but soon we will put her together with another lone female owl-faced monkey, June, and hopefully they will get along.
We desperatly need more space though....
Balume with Maisha on arrival
Eating her first banana after arrival

Thursday, October 1, 2009

New arrival, Bunyakiri

A new baby Red-tailed monkey arrived 13th of September. He is currently living with Hombo, the new baby Blue monkey. The two have become best friends and can be seen hugging and holding hands all day. He has been named Bunyakiri after the village he was confiscated from by the ICCN. We have now reached 103 primates in the sanctuary. Our facilities and budget are extremely limited but we are doing everything we can to give these animals the best life possible under the circumstances. If you feel you can help, please donate through this blog site. Every little bit helps!
-Bunyakiri grooming Hombo-
Hombo hugging Bunyakiri