Monday, November 16, 2009

Lulinga introduced to the others

Lulinga has now finished her quarantine period and 4 days ago she was introduced to the other baby chimps in the nursery group, witch means there are now 12 chimps in this group.

Luckily Lulinga has quite an independent and confident character and she coped very well with being introduced to the group. It is quite an overwhelming experience for the little ones, going into such a big group, as everyone wants to get to know them straight away. Little Lulinga did very well though and told them off if they were being too rough.

A few days later she seems to be turning in to a favourite among the slightly older females of the group, Maiko, Misisi, Monique and Ituri. They take turns carrying her around and wanting to hug her. She has also shown that she knows what she wants, defending her food fiercely against the other chimps, also the ones that are much bigger than her! We are very happy with the progress of Lulinga, and are confident she’ll be a well integrated member of the group very soon.

Everyone wants to meet the new arrival
Fizi saying hello

Maiko wanting a hug

Maiko, Lulinga and Misisi

Lulinga eating her corn


Monday, November 9, 2009

Donations on the blog in October

October has been a good month for donations on this blog and we would like to thank the people who contributed! Every donation means a lot to everyone in Lwiro!
So thank you very much for your help!

Kate O: 80 dollars

Cleve H: 30 dollars

Natalia R: 200 dollars


Monday, November 2, 2009

Update on the civets

Some of you might remember that we recived 3 baby civets some weeks ago. Although we are mainly a primate sanctuary sometimes other animals arrive on our doorstep and we take care of them as well as we can. Sadly it did not end well for two of our civets... After growing and triving for some weeks on milk formula, a few weeks ago two of them stopped eating properly. We don't know the reason for this and we tried our hardest to get them to eat and drink, we tried both with the milk and solid foods like bananas and meat, they also got medicines and veterinary care. But sadly the two of them didn't make it...

The good news is that the third civet is doing very well and has grown a lot! He eats a lot with his favourits beeing banans and rats. He is an independent little caracter and we do hope to find a solution to realease him back into the wild, if not he'll always have a home here.