Saturday, September 22, 2012

Dontions in August!

A big thank you to everyone that donated towards running cost in August!! The money will go towards buying food for the animals and paying local caregivers! 625$ dollars were raised!
A big thank you to Holly C, Laura L, William B and Brenton H!!
Kitoko says Thank You!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A friend for Mbandaka

On the 20th July, exactly one month after the arrival of Mbandaka, the CRPL received their 3rd chimpanzee confiscation for 2012.  A female named “Beni” arrived at CRPL having been confiscated by the ICCN (Institut Congolais pour la Conservation de la Nature) in the town of Beni from a family that had kept her as a pet for 2 years.  We estimate Beni as being just over 2 years of age, meaning that she must have been taken from the wild at a very young age, her mother and family probably killed for bushmeat. 
The CRPL had assistance from UN-GRASP (United Nations Great Apes Survival Partnership) who worked in conjunction with local MONUSCO peacekeeping forces in the DRC and provided transport from Beni to the nearby airport on a scheduled UN helicopter flight.  The CRPL also had assistance from ZSL researchers working in Beni who helped with logistics.  This fantastic effort between UN-GRASP, ICCN, ZSL and CRPL shows how the collaboration of many organisations can work together in the fight against the illegal wildlife trades in the DRC.
Beni has settled in well to life here at CRPL with Mbandaka.  They spend the day playing together; they comfort each other and have formed a strong relationship.  Hopefully they will be able to join the rest of the nursery group in the not too distant future.



Tuesday, September 11, 2012

September Operational Costs

Well, the rainy season has kicked off here in the DRC and we have had lots of rain this past week at CRPL.

Our keeping staff are in desperate need of new raincoats to keep them dry whilst working out in the rain. Therefore all donations made in September to the operational costs will be spent on purchasing 32 new raincoats.

If you would like to donate towards our raincoat campaign, you can do so through the donate button to the right.

Thank you!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Friends of Nature

Local conservation group, Friends of Nature, have donated 170 Mountain Papaya trees to the CRPL.  They assisted us by planting all the trees and watering them through the dry season over the last 2 months.  The trees were planted around the new facilities in early July and are all starting to flourish with the start of the rainy season this month.  The CRPL will have full use of all the fruits from the trees to help feed all the primates as well as the aesthetics and shade they will provide around the new facility.  We would like to send a big thank you to Friends of Nature for their donation and hard work!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Drinkers for the owl-faced monkeys campaign- Thank you!!

July was another successful month for donations!! We raised 372 dollars towards making water drinkers in the new owl-faced monkey enclosure! A huge thank you to:
Marcia D, Tracey B, Ryan K, Elise Q, Alexander L, Eoin L, Cian O!
Maisha enjoying a drink of water in his new home!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Tools for the forest camaign- Thank You!!

In June we had a campaign here on the blog and on facebook to raise money to buy tools for the new forest enclosure. And with your amazing support we raised 420$!!! A big thank you to: 
Marcia D, Tracey B, Diana G, Alain S, Gerhard G, James T and Fiona C :)
 Here is a couple of photos of the tools that were bought with your donations, this will make the everyday life for the keepers much easier and help keep the enclosure in tip top shape!