Monday, January 5, 2009

Christmas in Lwiro

This autumn "the champions leauge CRPL" was organised in Lwiro. 9 teams of entusiastic children between 5 and 13 years of age, from Lwiro and suronding villages. After the game there was a barbeque for 150 local children. It's amazing how well football joins the people.
At five o’clock, when work was finished at the sanctuary, it was time for a well deserved Christmas party for the workers, with good food music and dance.

Monique Okapi
The newest chimp in the centre is Monique Okapi. She arrived 28th of November, and is a girl at about 2 years of age. She’s finished her quarantine and moved in with the others in the nursery group, Maiko, Osso, Fizi, Julius, Banro, Ituri and Uvira. She’s already settled in very well with the others.

Some of the players in front of one of their new football goals.

Local music

Food for everyone

The workers arriving at their christmas party

Monique Okapi with her keeper

Monique Okapi

The nursery group with their keeper