Thursday, April 17, 2008


Last night sadly another chimpanzee came to Lwiro. His name is Julius Kongolo and he is about one year old. We only had a few hours notice about his arrival, and it was the same lady who brought Fizi, that had found Julius with some poachers near Uvira in the village of Kongolo. She took him from them and brought him to us. Normally his name then would be Kongolo, but she wanted us to give him another name as she was scared the poachers would come looking for him... So now his daily name is Julius which is the name of a famous chimpanzee in Kristiansand Zoo in Norway, who has painted some lovely paintings that so far has brought over 10 000 USD to lwiro from sales. He is tiny, very skinny and was coughing constantly last night. He slept in my bed last night, and he woke up lots of times coughing. But this morning it has finally almost stopped, and he has eaten som cerelac and mango today and seems to be setteling in.


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Anonymous said...

Hi there How come infant chimps sleep in a cage next to caregivers bed and not in the bed w/caregiver similar to sleeping w/ mom? I would love to volunteer my time to help with this growing problem