Saturday, September 27, 2008

Fantastic support from the lwiro women!

Unexpectedly today, the wives of the CRPL workers arrived at the sanctuary (17 women in total). They informed the manager they were going to start to prepare the land (which the sanctuary has yet to be able to afford to do) to the right of the sanctuary and plant maize, beans and manioc. They will do this free of charge to the sanctuary and the crops will assist in feeding the sanctuary’s primate residents. They plan to come for four hours every Saturday to undertake the project.

It seems that the community is so excited about this project, that we have had two women join who do not even have relations working at the sanctuary. We also have had the daughters of two of our female workers join the group.

The management of the sanctuary are so touched and excited about this incredible offer from the women of Lwiro. For all of these women to give up their time and money to plant these crops to assist in feeding the animals is amazing.

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Dominique said...

Hello – these are results of sensitization campaigns in communities and surroundings. Before, communities considered the Lwiro sanctuary like an unknown area although their relatives could work there.

I think it is improvements towards making communities understand their responsibilities, non only in fighting against the poaching and other kinds of natural resources destruction within the Kahuzi-Biega National Park; but also, in involving communities in conservation initiatives, particularly, “getting what we need from them” for a sustainable management of the CRPL.

Many more campaigns need to be launched to make large mobilizations in communities for the CRPL.