Wednesday, February 4, 2009

News from Lwiro

The new dormitory
The struggle of getting enough funds for the new chimpanzee dormitory is fianlly over. Only to be taken over by the struggle to raise the funds for the fence around the forrest....
But back to the dormitory, it was started last march, but due to lacking of funds the work has been stopped for many months now the outside is finished but the inside is not. Now funds have come through 9900 dollars from Survive Australia, after an auction they held this autumn, and 4600 dollars from Friends of Lwiro in Norway ( former AWARE Norway), most of that from sales of Julius paintings in Kristiansand Zoo. This is enough to finally finish the dormitory and the building has started today. But the best thing is that COOPERA has agreed to try to cover the running cost of the sanctuary for 2009! This is great because otherwise the money from Australia and Norway would have had to cover the running cost, and the dormitory wouldn't be finished.

The dormitory January-09

Great support from local children
Yesterday morning there was a very nice visit to the sanctuary. The children of " the environmental center of education and interpretation" of CHAHOBOKA / KATANA donated a big sack of carrots that they had grown themselves for the CRPL primates. It's so great to see.

Everyone loves football
After the football turnament this christmas, a video was made and sent on Spanish tv about the athletic club CRSN Lwiro. This has raised 3000 euros to build a new football pitch and changing room for the teams!

The chimpanzees
It has been very cold this month in Lwiro, and almost all the chimpanzees in the sanctuary have got colds, especially the little ones and Baheny has injured one of his canine teeth. It got ripped of when it got stuck in a rope. Luckily he is doing well, and will recover ok from the injury.


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