Monday, January 18, 2010

Monkeys Arrived!

Yesterday evening after a very long boat and car ride the two monkeys from the illegal “sanctuary” in Goma arrived safely at our door with Arthur one of the veterinarians from the North Kivu ICCN team! After many a mix up with the boat times, Arthur arrived safely at the port and was greeted by one of our own veterinarians. The monkeys are both thin, but thanks to the care the ICCN and PASA have been providing in the last few weeks, their condition was not as bad as we had expected.
PASA has provided all costs for the transport of these two monkeys and will also give the CRPL $1000 to help with their continued care. We are very grateful for their help not only in this case, but for all they do.
The first monkey is a 4 year old male Mangabey whose name is Hilton. He is extremely thin and his hair is in terrible condition. The second monkey is a 3 year old red-tail who is yet to have a name. They are currently in solitary cages with access to each other. They will stay in quarantine for one month to ensure that no diseases are passed on to the other animals in the sanctuary. With good nutrition and veterinary care they should both improve quite quickly!

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