Saturday, February 27, 2010

Good morning Lwiro!!!

I took my camera out first thing this morning to capture the day as it began. Every day is a busy day, but the mornings are always the most demanding. The food preparation team must pick out, weigh and wash all of the items for the day and there is a lot of food to be cooked. They then need to start sorting the food into groups for the day ahead. The monkey and chimpanzee keepers must move animals around so that they can successfully feed and clean all of the cages. They have to do all of this while the animals are demanding food…NOW!!!
Salamavilla (right) and Wima (left) demanding food from Claude the keeper!
Lume demanding breakfast...soon Lume!!!
Bahati and Christoff washing and sorting the food!
Mama Irene and Mama Bea chatting about the day ahead. Mama Bea sitting, cooking food for the animals!

Kaleshe cleaning out the Goma Group dormitory!

Kahole cleaning Shumi, the baboons cage!

Doublago our farmer planting some onions first thing in the morning!

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