Friday, March 12, 2010


The Women of CRPL! Mama Dorcas, Mama Guillamine, Carmen, Mama Irene, Mama Bea and Andrea.
A few drinks and a chat!
The Mamas dancing!

It is nice for the workers to spend time together outside of the Sanctuary. They really enjoy this time.

Everybody dancing!

The 8th of March marked International Women’s Day for 2010. In Lwiro there were many celebrations occurring, with all of the population out in force wearing their finest attire. Even the men love this day and get dressed up. However, as the chimpanzees need to be fed, like every other day of the year the celebrations for the CRPL workers did not start until 5pm. After finishing work we all donned our party clothes and sang and danced our way from the CRPL to the local guest house. On arrival we took some cokes or beers and sat down for a chat. The four women workers were beaming the whole night and looked beautiful in their special outfits. After a little rest the music began and we all danced the night away. A wonderful night was had by all in celebration of women everywhere!

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maisirika kasiksi said...

i'm in london and i was born in fomulac katana, i know all this area, i will like to see more pictures please.