Wednesday, June 23, 2010

IPPL award the CRPL a $30,000 grant!

The CRPL has recently had the amazing news that the Arcus Foundation has awarded the International Primate Protection League a multi-sanctuary grant. The IPPL has amazingly decided to include the CRPL in this multi-sanctuary grant and awarded us $30,000!!! They also donated an extra $995 from the money raised at the members meeting I attended in South Carolina in April! The IPPL has become an enormous support for us and have made very generous donations toward the forest enclosure already. With this new grant, we can continue through two more of our $15,000 building stages. This is fantastic news for us. We can not begin to thank IPPL enough for their continued support. The only way too really thank them will be to get these chimpanzees into this forest exhibit as soon as we can!!!

You can help us get the fence finished by donating using the ‘donate’ button to the left! We still have quite a bit of money to raise, but we are well on our way to getting these chimpanzees out of the cages and into the forest!

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