Saturday, November 27, 2010

Pepin arrives at the CRPL!

A new baby Cercopithecus ascanius has arrived at CRPL! This little red-tailed monkey was confiscated in the Miti area in the South Kivu Provence. The confiscation was completed by the ICCN (Institut Congolaise pour la Conservation de la Nature), the Congolese Governments Authority for Conservation. He was being kept as a pet.
The little male has been called Pepin and will remain in quarentine for a one month period before being introduced to the other baby monkeys.

When Pepin arrived he was given a thorough examination by Dr. Luis Flores (Wildvets veterinarian - currently managing CRPL short term) and Dr. Masunga (our local vet incharge of animal rounds and daily medications). The examination showed that Pepin was in very bad physical condition - thin, poor hair condition and full of parasites.
Pepin is now being provided with lots of food and water and a clean environment. He has improved significantly since his arrival! We can't wait until he also has some play mates!

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