Thursday, July 28, 2011

Walikale Update!

Walikale has been at the CRPL for almost a month now. Before arriving, his family group were attacked by poachers. Some of the chimpanzees would have been killed for meat, while Walikale was probably taken alive to sell as a pet. However, the Congolese government conservation authority (ICCN) intercepted Walikale and bought him to the CRPL for rehabilitation and care.

We believe Walikale is around 4-5 months old as he is very small and has under developed motor skills. He is however doing very well, eating lots of different foods and playing and laughing continuously through the day. Being a very small baby, Walikale also takes a few naps!

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Theresa said...

He looks well! Absolutely adorable little guy. Thank goodness he is with you all.