Tuesday, August 30, 2011

New arrival at the CRPL

Itebero is the last arrival in Lwiro. He was confiscated to poachers by the ICCN in Walikale and brought to the CRPL. He arrived in very poor conditions and presented a rotten snare under the skin and muscles of his right wrist. After removing the wire under anesthesia, we could appreciate he can't move his right hand due to the aberrant cicatrization of the tendons and muscles. Itebero has also terrible scars in his waist that indicate he has been tied with a rope for several months.

He is completely malnourished and weak but is drinking milk and eating some fruits (he adores passion fruit!). He has proved he's got a strong character who helped him to survive to such terrible experiences and now he is getting lot of cares at the sanctuary. We will keep you updated on his advances.

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