Monday, June 4, 2012

The big boys join the forest group!

On Saturday finally the last chimpanzees joined the forest group. These are 4 adult males Kongo and his three friends Lume, Goma and Lubutu. Kongo is a big, playfull and gentel chimpanzee and was the leader of his group of 7 chimps. We are now hoping he will take over the leadership of the forest group. So far it's looking good, he is playing with the small ones and hanging out with the rest of the group a lot. But at the same time it's all quite scary for him, so it will take time for him to adjust and take control. Lume, Goma and Lubutu have been even more scared than Kongo of their new environment and all the new chimpanzees! But we hope and think they will adjust with time. All the moves are finished and there is 35 chimpanzees in the forest! Now it's time for the group to settle down, and hopefully build lots of new friendships! We will keep you updated on their progress! Thank you for all your support in this exiting time for Lwiro, we are all so happy and it has truely been the best month in CRPLs history :)

Kongo followed by Goma

Kongo exploring

Kongo tickeling Fizi




Lubutu hugging old friend Flora

Kongo with the others

Kongo saying hello to Uvira

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