Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Construction begins on the Hamlyni Habitat

The foundations are dug for the fence.
This month, work has commenced on the Hamlyni Habitat, an enclosure in the new facility for the 12 Hamlyni Monkeys living at CRPL.  Currently living in many different cages made of metal and concrete, the new habitat will allow all the Hamlyni Monkeys to be housed in a single group, allowing more social interaction between individuals over a range of ages.  It will also enable them to be in a more natural environment where they can climb trees, dig in the ground and browse on grasses.
The foundations for the dormitory.

The stone foudations for the fence are laid.

So far, the foundations have been laid and the framework for the mesh fencing has been erected.  Staff have also been spending much time planting more trees and shrubs in the area and erecting extra climbing structures.

Staff have been adding climbing structures and a "monkey mountain"!
The framework of the fence going up.
Showing the entire habitat.
A big thankyou goes to Lager Zoo, the Norwegian pet store company that donated $6,000 towards the construction of the Hamlyni Habitat.
"Maisha", one of the Hamlyni, or Owl-faced Monkeys at CRPL.

If you would also like to contribute to the new Hamlyni Habitat, all funds donated towards the Operational Costs for the month of July will be spent on building 2 water drinkers in the new habitat.  We need a total of $432 to complete the project and then we can start moving the Hamlyni’s in to their new home!
A juvenile Hamlyni Monkey at CRPL.

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Tracey Burns said...

The monkey's have no idea what a huge surprise is in store for them with this new habitat. Thanks to all of you for the amazing work you do.