Monday, December 24, 2012

Beni and Mbandaka Settle In

The 2 smallest chimpanzees at the CRPL have settled in well with the nursery group, now totalling 13.  They are very popular with the bigger infants and there were fights over who got to hold the newest babies!  Lulinga in particular has proved a wonderful mother figure and is always with one of the youngsters and sleeps with Mbandaka every night.  Beni is sweet and timid, however she is playing more and more and growing quickly.  Mbandaka is highly intelligent and not afraid of anything, she will be a real power house when she grows up! 
Photo 1.  Beni with Lulinga and being groomed by Lugushwa.
Photo 2.  Beni with Lulinga

 Photo 3.  Mbandaka with Lulinga

Photo 4.  Mbandaka with Lugushwa 

Photo 5.  Mbandaka with Butembo 

Photo 6.  Beni catching a ride with Lulinga

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