Thursday, April 11, 2013

Ascanius Monkey Habitat Now Open!

Ascanius Monkey Habitat Now Open!

The CRPL is very pleased to partner with Columbus Zoo in announcing the completion of the newest enclosure at the sanctuary.  Thanks to funding from Columbus Zoo, the CRPL has constructed their most recent Monkey Habitat for Conservation and Education for the next group of monkeys.  The monkeys moved into this new habitat were 14 Ascanius, or Red-Tailed, Monkeys and 2 Dents Monkeys. 

The completed Monkey Habitat for Conservation and Education

Construction of the habitat commenced in November 2012 and took roughly 5 months to complete.  The habitat measures 18m by 12m in length and stands 3m high, along with an additional dormitory with 2 rooms.  Additional climbing structures were added to the habitat as well as large hills, a small pool and feeding platforms. 

Land is cleared and the foundations dug
The frame starts to go up.
The frame is cemented into place and furniture for inside is being constructed.
The frame is finished and the mesh is going on.

Finishing touches on the dormitory.
Ready for monkeys!
CRPL staff moved the 16 monkeys from the previous concrete and metal cages in the old sanctuary, up to the new facility in the last week of March 2013.  The monkeys were monitored closely over the following week to ensure that they settled in to their new facility calmly.  The Ascanius and Dents Monkeys appear to thoroughly enjoy their new habitat, in particular the insects that they can catch in amongst the shrubs and plants.

Keeper Jacques takes one of the Dents Monkeys from the old sanctuary.
The keepers getting ready to move one of the male Ascanius Monkeys from his old cage.
And in to the new habitat!

Pole Pole, one of the Ascanius Monkeys rescued from Uvira last October, arrives at the new habitat.  All the monkeys get a "mugshot" for our records.
Checking out the new habitat.

Pole Pole watching for insects.

Hatari with youngster Bonne Anee, enjoying some lunch.

This new habitat is vital in not only improving the welfare of these monkeys, both mentally and physically, but it is the vital first step in their rehabilitation to the wild.  It is fantastic to see the Ascanius and Dents Monkeys out in their new naturalistic habitat and the CRPL would like to send a huge thank you to the Columbus Zoo for funding this project.

The favourite new pastime of the Ascanius Monkeys is catching insects.

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