Tuesday, March 31, 2009

In memory of Banro

Banro was so special and unique, as all great apes are. Every one is so different in looks, temperament and personality. When she arrived, she was understandably withdrawn and clingy with me, her assigned carer. It took two days before she responded to games and began to play. But it took her about a week before her real personality shone through. She was a little adventurer. She loved to climb the trees in the garden and run over the clean laundry Mama Guillemine had laid out to dry. Although confident, she would often run back for reassurance when she felt unsure of something. When her months quarantine came to an end, it was time for her to be integrated into the baby nursery. It took a few days, but once she felt comfortable she loved having the other babies to play with. After all, no human can play as well as a chimpanzee! She found particular comfort with Julius, who she slept with often during nights. Banro will be sadly missed by all. Rest in peace little angel.


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