Tuesday, March 31, 2009

In memory of Osso

When Osso first arrived in Lwiro she was very skinny and tired. She had traveled far to come to us and she was very affected by loosing her mother and her family. Osso arrived together with Maiko, who had become like a big sister for her. Osso had not yet gotten her canine teeth wich meant that she was very young, under 1 year of age. It was very hard emotionally the first time she crawled onto my lap, she was only skin and bones. And most of our first night together I spent crying with her on my lap.

After one week she was eating well and had given me a little smile. All the workes at the sanctuary loved Osso, she was the most beautiful chimpanzee they'd ever seen! She had lots of long hair, wich is something the congolese really like. I spent some amazing months with Osso, before I had to leave and go back home to Norway. It gave me such joy to see the development in her, from the day she arrived until she gave me that last hug before I left.

Osso will be sadly missed and remembered by everyone that knew her. Rest in peace little one.


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