Monday, April 20, 2009

Monkey lottery in Norway!

Me (Hilde) and Jeanette is running a little organisation in Norwary called Friends of Lwiro, former AWARE Norway. We both spent several months in Lwiro and hope to go back in the autumn. In the mean time we're trying to raise as much money for the project as possible here in Norway.
A few weeks ago we arranged a lottery for Lwiro. We have previously arranged 3 of these with quite good success, raising 4-4500 dollars each time. And this one was an even bigger success! We starte with a little talk about the project, and then we had some quick lotteries before the draw of the main lottery. All the prices were donated from local shops and businesses. Especially Kristiansand Zoo gave us a lot of cuddely toys, and the main price were zoo keeper for a day. There was a lot of prices, and I think most people there won something.
And a lot of people turned up, a lot more than previous lotteries and it was great! We also had a café and a fishing pond for the kids with nice little prices. All in all we raised about 6000 dollars and I think all our guests had a great time! We're very happy to be sending some more money to our little ones in Lwiro! Hopefully a little start to build the fence around the forrest for the chimpanzees!

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