Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Thoughts on our struggle

What all conservationists and animal aid workers want in the long run (or short if it were possible) for animals such as the chimpanzee to be safe and well in their real homes, the forests in which they belong. However, while the illegal mining, animal trade and deforestation continues this is not a possibility. We continue to receive babies who are affected, and can only make educated guesses that many more die, for that one baby we have arrive at the sanctuary. So while we strive with all we can muster to make the lives of the ones in the sanctuary comfortable and safe; what we really want is for them to have never arrived, and to still be safe within their groups, with their mothers in the forest which they belong. Loosing these babies highlights this plight once again. Although, the sanctuary staff give their all to keep these animals safe and well, sometimes it feels as though it is in vein. I hope we can all work together to help to keep these amazing animals safe and well in their real homes.


This is very well said from Andrea, and I would just like to sign it as well! Hilde

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