Saturday, October 17, 2009

New enclosure for the baby monkeys

People that have been following this blog might have noticed that we've had a lot of new monkey baby arrivals in the last few months. We did not have appropriate cages for them and the little cages was getting very crowded. We tried to introduce some of them to the existing bigger groups, but with now luck, as the cages are allready full of monkeys. We desided we had to build a new cage. Luckily we had some materials from former projects so we only had to pay for some, plus the work and it turned out quite cheap.

We want to thank Raúl Cabrera a member of AICAS (Asociación Ibérica de Cuidadores de Animales Salvajes) for his kind donation which helped us build this much needed cage for the monkeys.
Putting trees inside before putting the mesh on.
Starting to put on the mesh.

Cage almost finished, only the door missing.
Yesterday the cage was finally finished and we moved 6 young monkeys, Bamboo, Nunuse, Hombo, Bunyakiri, Coco and Malimingi in. Malimingi was the first one to explore the enclosure and Bamboo, Nunuse and Coco quikly followed. Nunuse and Coco was running around playing after only minutes, and Bamboo was finding insects and grass that she liked to eat. Hombo and Bunyakiri were more scared and went into the little cage we have put into the enclosure to provide shelter for the rain. They stayed there for a while, but watching the others having the time of their life they soon came out and started exploring and playing. Soon they were ready to enjoy their first meal in their new home. They look very happy with the new cage!
Putting four of the new residents inside with their old cage.

All this space is a bit scary at first

Malimingi contemplating the new space.

Hombo and Bunyakiri feels safer in a smaller space at first.


First meal in new home, Bamboo, Coco, Hombo and Bunyakiri.


Mango the Fruitarian said...

I'm in australia, just watched "sunday night", and fleetingly heard of something about gorilla skulls being crushed into powder to make an ingredient for mobile phones.. Did I completely mishear, or is this really true that mobile phones contain some crucial ingredient that often originates in poached powdered gorilla skull??

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU SO MUCH for making Bambu and her friends feel so fine and safe! My contribution of 250USD goes to the entire cost of Bambu's new home, so that the sanctuary can build another for new comers, or enlarge other spaces! Thanks a million, it means so so much!

Sam - Bukavu

Venner av Lwiro said...

Hi Mango, I'm afraid that you misheard that one.. No gorilla skulls in mobile phones. But a mineral called coltan which is found in the forest were the gorillas live is important in mobile phones. The problem for the gorillas and the chimpanzees is that their forest are beeing destroyd and they are beeing hunted in the prosess of the illegal mining of the minerals.