Friday, October 2, 2009

New arrival, Maisha


The 29th of september yet another monkey arrived in Lwiro. This time, a young female owl-faced monkey. The ICCN had confiscated her from some soldiers in Goma, so she had a long journey behind her. We soon saw that she was missing her right foot, but it is an old injury and she seems used to it. Otherwise she seems healthy but very thin. She is almost adult as the characteristic stripe the owl-faced monkeys have in their face has started to appear. She is very sweet natured and loves being groomed. She is now in a cage on her own, but soon we will put her together with another lone female owl-faced monkey, June, and hopefully they will get along.
We desperatly need more space though....
Balume with Maisha on arrival
Eating her first banana after arrival

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