Wednesday, April 14, 2010


This month new members have joined R&S-Lwiro club! Patrick Wasso, an enthusiastic and young primate keeper at the CRPL has become the club leader. He loves wildlife and he knows the Congolese animals extremely well.

Last Sunday we started the first meeting with Patrick as leader. The experience was wonderful! Thanks to R&S France we were able to enjoy the reading of amazing books in French about great apes and see pictures of African wildlife.

Patrick explained Jane Goodall’s work in Swahili to all the club members so the new ones could learn about her and the aim of the Roots&Shoots clubs all around the world. We could also read it from a nice magazine with plenty of pictures and drawings made by JGI France. At the end we tried to draw a chimpanzee following the steps found in the magazine.

We would like to thank R&S France, and its coordinator Mehdi Daval in particular, for allowing us to keep on our activities with some more educational materials about great apes in French! ASANTE SANA!!!

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