Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Thank you! Update on the urgent appeal!

Our Urgent Appeal has been going for a bit over two weeks now, and we are very happy with the response! A huge thank you to the people that have donated these last two weeks, EVERY donation is very very important to us!!

Maria D - 25$
Cleve H - 40$
Lesley M - 25$
Jordi C - 90$
Cristina T - 60$
Athena B - 100$
Karen M - 25$
Marianne G - 15$

And a special thanks to Danny H for donating 1000$!

All the money donated will be used to continue building the new forested enclosure for the chimpanzees in our care.
Please consider helping us! Every dollar is important!!

Here is a cute picture of Mangay for you all ;)

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