Monday, May 10, 2010

Donations, thank you, update on the fence and urgent appeal

Time for a update on the fence and urgent appeal again! We are very happy with all your donations on this blog and Facebook, they are really helping! The money from these donations have now been used to buy all the metallic fence posts needed to build the fence! These are ordered from Kenya and is one of the most expensive posts on the fence budget, they cost 34000$. But we didn't have quite enough to order them until we got the money from you guys, so thank you!! You've made it possible for us to continue the work with the fence! Pictures of the new fence posts will be posted as soon as they arrive in Lwiro!

We also have some larger grants that we are very hopeful to that we will receive, so watch this space!!

But thank you so much for you donations the last month! It really helps and soon we will see the chimps of Lwiro back climbing trees were they belong!!!

Laurence D - 30$
Lisa C - 25$
Steve C - 45$ + 40$
Jennifer F- 15$
Laura B - 100$
Ryan K- 20$ + 10$
Jessica T- 30$
Diane K - 50$


Baheny says thank you!!

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