Wednesday, May 19, 2010

IPS Grant for CRPL!

Fantastic News! The International Primatological Society has awarded the CRPL a Captive Care Grant of $1500 to go toward the building of the forest enclosure! They also awarded the CRPL the Conservation through Community Involvement part of the grant which we applied for. This $500 will pay for bamboo and the planting of this bamboo in the savannah area of the enclosure. The hope is that this will give the chimpanzees another area with activity within the enclosure! However, the real aim is to have the community involved and benefiting as much as possible from the building of this enclosure. Therefore, we have offered to the MALWIUMA that they plant the bamboo and be paid for their services. The MALWIUMA is made up of women from the local community (many of them are wives of our workers). They conceived the idea of the group themselves and have offered the CRPL much support over the past 2 years. This includes planting crops on our land for free and giving us things from their crops to feed the animals. Their help means a lot to us and it is wonderful to have the ability to pay them for their hard work!

A HUGE THANKYOU TO IPS! Your support is truly wonderful.

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