Monday, August 16, 2010

Another chimpanzee arrives!

On the 14th of August we heard from the Director of GRACE sanctuary, Jim Desmond that he had found a baby chimpanzee in need of a home in Butembo. The little male had already been confiscated and was being cared for by a veterinarian in Butembo who cares for some confiscated monkeys. The vet was doing all he could for the little chimpanzee, while looking for some help to arrange an appropriate home. Jim (along with Luitzen Santman, formally JGI, The Netherlands) very quickly organised the appropriate transfer papers and had the little chimp underway the next day. ‘GRACE’ arrived with Luitzen after having travelled from Butembo to Goma via airplane and then Goma to Bukavu by boat. He then had another 2 hour drive to the sanctuary.

Grace is very small, but already has his canine teeth, so is over 12 months old. He seems in good health and has a very big personality. He will spend a month in quarantine with Sakina Dungu and Mama Dorcas.

Thankyou to Jim from GRACE sanctuary, Luitzen and all of the ICCN teams who worked so hard to coordinate this very quick movement.

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Jim said...

YAY! Great work! J and J