Thursday, August 26, 2010

New arrival: Vero

Last week, the 19th, another new arrival came to the CRPL. She is a young l'hoesti monkey about 2-3years old, and we named her Vero. She came with a military officer from the south near Uvira. He wanted to sell her to us, but we explained that we don't buy monkeys and it's illegal to keep. Luckily the cief of PNKB, South Kivu, came just then and explained to the officer about conservation and that it was illegal to keep monkeys and that they should be with other monkeys, not being kept as a pet. The officer agreed and the next day he came with the monkey and handed her over to CRPL. She is a bit skinny, but otherwise healthy and eating well. After her quarantine periode we will try to introduce her to a group wich has the three other l'hoesti females in the sanctuary.

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