Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sakina and Grace

Sakina and Grace are doing very well! Sakina is playing all day long, Grace is a bit more careful, but also plays a lot. But he does think his new big sister is a bit too big and playing a bit rough sometimes. They've both had a bit of a cold this week, but not very bad.



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Jenny and Jimmy Desmond said...

So fantastic! We have passed all the info on Grace's updates to our friends and family with a link to the site - hopefully we can generate interest maybe even leading to some support. :)

Want to point out that the unbelievable change in Grace's hair on his back is so clearly a sign of his changed psychological state! Of course, the new brightness in his eyes and the his relaxed demeanor are also dead giveaways!

You guys, as always, are doing amazing work with everyone. We hope to be contributing soon! Call you this week to discuss!

Love you all!

Jenny and Jimmy