Monday, September 6, 2010

Sunny morning in Lwiro!

Yongesa- gomagroup
Alsace- gomagroup
Gari -gomagroup
Kadutu- Malboucks vervet monkey
Baboons-Bavo grooming Brandi
David- red-tailed monkey
Lume - Kongos group
Flora- Kongos group
Sherif - big boss
Bolungwa- gomagroup
Vero, newcomer l'hoest monkey
Nice view to the mountains of Kahuzi Biega nationalpark
Clara- Kongos group
Irangi- gomagroup
Keeper Jean Paul with Django- gomagroup
Katana and Lulingu- blue monkeys

The rainy season has started, which belive it or not means more sun and clearer days! In the dry season there is always a sort of mist in the air, so never clear blue skies or a nice view. But last night it rained a lot, and the air this morning is really clear and the sky is blue! All the animals and the people is enjoying the sunshine!

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