Tuesday, October 5, 2010

CRPL accepted as the 19th PASA sanctuary!

The Centre de Rehabilitation des Primates de Lwiro, along with the managing partners - the ICCN, CRSN and Coopera – are so happy to announce that we have been accepted as the 19th Pan African Sanctuary Alliance sanctuary.

PASA works tirelessly to unite the primate sanctuaries of Africa and to support them in caring for thousands of great apes and monkeys which have become victims of illegal trade and activities.

After completing the application process, PASA sent a qualified inspector to Lwiro to oversee our daily routines, protocols and to discuss our future plans. After this, a detailed report was submitted by the inspector to PASA and a vote decided that we are able to become a member sanctuary.

The partners, sponsors and individuals involved in the CRPL have worked very hard to continually improve our standards and care for the animals at the sanctuary. And while we have only just joined PASA, they have helped us to reach our goals in the past in many ways. We are so grateful to PASA for their assistance in the past and for accepting us as a member sanctuary. And we look forward to working with them in the years to come!

Thank you PASA!



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Congratulations, Lwiro Primates!

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