Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sad loss: Bunyakiri

At the CRPL we face many challenges; and loosing animals is always the hardest of all. Sadly, little Bunyakiri a red tailed monkey passed away a few days ago. Bunyakiri was confiscated in September of 2009, in the village of Bunyakiri by the ICCN. Since arriving at the sanctuary Bunyakiri has lived with the other infant monkeys; enjoying play, sunshine and a good diet.

For the past few weeks, Bunyakiri has had some inflammation around the throat area. However, she has continued to eat and behave as normal. After much investigation and intensive care in the last few days, she passed away in the care of the veterinarian. A final investigation showed that a grasshopper leg had been caught in her throat. All of the monkeys of CRPL enjoy eating grasshoppers; they provide both enrichment and protein in their diet. Unfortunately, Bunyakiri had trouble with one and there were no symptoms to suggest distress.

The veterinarian and staff of the CRPL strive to give the best care possible to all animals. To loose a beautiful baby monkey, who had already been through so much in her life is distressing for everyone.

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BRENTON said...

Very sad news. Thinking of you all at Lwiro.