Saturday, March 8, 2008


Today an adult male baboon came to Lwiro, his name is Kashusha. Carmen got a phone call from the ICCN rangers last night, that there was an adult male baboon loose near Kavumu. The villagers said they had seen him run out of an UN camp! She went to help them catch him, but it was already dark and he was in the top of an avocado tree. So she went back home, and early in the morning today she went with the rangers to try to dart him. As they tried to climb the tree to come close enough he jumped out and started running. Carmen, the rangers and a lot of villagers ran after him for 5 hours before she managed to dart him and bring him back to Lwiro. He had two machete cuts in his neck and a broken knee cap. He is very scared of people, and has probably just been captured for bushmeat…

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