Saturday, March 8, 2008

Womens day

Maiko and Osso slept until half past seven today. We woke them up and tried to give them cerelac, but none of them wanted any. Maiko was as cold as yesterday so we took them outside again. They slept a lot today as well, ate a bit more, but mainly mangos and passionfruit. We took them inside just before five o’clock, and tried to give them more cerelac, but they didn’t want it.
Today it was the womens day, and it’s celebrated a lot here, incredible! It was singing and dancing all day. Carmen was babysitting Maiko and Osso and I went to the guest house to see all the employees at the sanctuary. We were dancing and singing and drinking fanta and beer. It is a special day for the women here; they buy new dresses and dress up very nice. It’s the only day they don’t have to carry heavy stuff and work in the fields. Carmen got Mugaluka who is our sentinel to baby-sit for a bit, so she could come and say hello. This job he took very seriously and placed himself in front of the door to my room.

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