Sunday, July 19, 2009

Butembo and Loia, new arrivals

Two new baby chimpanzees arrived on the 15th of July. Butembo and Loia arrived from the Butembo area after a very long two day journey. Both babies are male and are about 1 and a half years old. Butembo is the most outgoing. Within 10 minutes of releasing them from their travel cage he was running around playing with the caregiver. Loia is a little more reserved and took some time to come out of the cage completely. Both babies were very hungry and ate a lot the first afternoon. A few hours after arriving they went into their night cage well and slept all night. On the second day, both ate well and played well also. Both babies have many different parasites and are being treated for this and malnutrition.
Truck arriving with Butembo and Loia

Butembo and Loia will spend their months quarantine with Mama Dorcas (who was removed from the main nursery cage due to the babies becoming too dominant over her). Mama Dorcas is very good with the babies and will provide them with all the love and support they need for this month in quarantine.


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