Thursday, July 9, 2009

Misisi is laughing and playing!

Misisi is doing better and better each day. On the morning of day 10 in quarantine she actually woke up and played for the first half an hour. This was the first time she had engaged in any kind of play behavior. She was laughing and rolling around as she was being tickled in bed. Since that first morning, she has not stopped playing. She is now a bundle of energy and laughs. She likes to run around the garden while being chased and then collapses on the ground in hysterical laughter for a tickle. It is wonderful to see how much she has changed, so quickly.

Misisi has also discovered the thrill of climbing trees again. She disappears up a nice leafy tree, builds a nest and has a nap quite often. She is so at home among the branches.

She is putting on weight and is eating well. The antibiotics have worked wonders on her mouth infection which has almost completely disappeared. There is still a lot of healing to occur in the mouth; however she seems to experience no discomfort now. When her one months quarantine is over, she will join the chimpanzees in the Goma Group.
Misisi day 12
Misisi day 10 playing
Misisi day 10 laughing

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