Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Misisi's Introduction a Success!

Misisi went into the cage with the 8 other babies with the support of her caregiver. She dropped to the floor immediately when she entered the cage and the other babies were extremely interested in her. There was a lot of hugging and sniffing from everyone involved. A few minutes later, Fizi decided to test Misisi by dragging her across the floor. Of course a lot of screaming resulted, but no damage was done. All in all, the introduction went better than we could have predicted. Misisi had a few small confrontations with Maiko and Fizi but she either stood her ground or submitted when she needed too. During the day she played and ate very well. When the other babies left her alone she would even go after them to make them play again.

She showed very little interest in her caregiver all day, and when the door to the dormitory opened for the babies to go to sleep, Misisi followed them inside. She lay down on the bedding and went to sleep and didn’t wake until the next morning. Because the introduction went so amazingly well and Misisi was so relaxed she remained in the cage.

The introduction occurred 10 days ago now and Misisi has gone from strength to strength. She has put on weight and now eats everything she is offered. She plays with all the babies in the cage. We could not have hoped for a better introduction. We are so happy Misisi loves her new friends.

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