Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Here is updates and pictures of some of the 9 baboons in Lwiro.

Shumbi the male baboon who has one arm missing and had one arm shot by soldiers is doing well. He has good use of the arm which was shot. The healing ability of baboons is amazing. Unfortunately, he has had a tooth abuses arise and has been on antibiotics over the past few weeks. He may need to be operated on to fix the problem; however the antibiotics are doing a good job of clearing it at the moment. Shumbi loves the company of Carmen, manager and veterinarian of the centre, and whenever she is at the sanctuary, he demands her attention.


The yellow baboon Brandi is currently housed with Kalonge the young olive baboon. They get on very well and are often seen grooming each other or laying on each other sun bathing. Brandi had been severely obese as a pet, and then had lost a significant amount of weight after confiscation (before she reached us). She had a considerable amount of excess skin hanging around her stomach and breasts. Since being put on a contraceptive implant, she has gained some weight back. Due to the fact that she is old and suffers from some arthritis, she does little exercise. We continue to monitor her weight to avoid too large an increase, as this would be unhealthy for her. Brandi is a very gentle baboon and enjoys attention from everyone. She will happily groom a t-shirt for hours.
Kalonge broke his leg in the past, in a fight with another baboon. His leg has healed, but is not straight. Although it looks a little strange it does not stop him climbing or running or causing mischief. He likes to harass the keepers for fun when they come into the cage to clean. Without doubt, Brandi always comes to his aide.
And here is a new photo of baby Afrikia and her mum Becky.

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