Saturday, June 20, 2009

A different new arrival

On the 9th of June we received a tortoise from a member of the public. They knew very little about the animal, except that someone from many kilometers away on the other side of the national park had given it to him to bring to the sanctuary to obtain medical care. The tortoise had a very old injury, where someone or something had crushed the back of its shell. Her foot had been caught at this point and was crushed. On arrival, Carmen examined the foot; it had been long dead and she could see exposed bone. She treated her with antibiotics. On the 10th of June, upon re-inspection, the veterinarian was surprised to see how confident the turtle was. She walked around for us, and we could see the injury much more clearly. She is walking on exposed bone. We will continue to treat her, and she will live with our other 3 tortoises that all also have injuries and were confiscated animals. The CRPL is of course a primate sanctuary. However, if an animal arrives and needs treatment and shelter, and we are able to supply it, of course we do.

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