Friday, June 12, 2009

Staff news

Mama Dorcas, who spent every second day as the keeper with the nursery group has been moved to the day sentinel position. While the day sentinel Amarni has become the nursery keeper. This change has occurred because some of the babies in the nursery group are becoming very strong and require a firm man that they respect in the cage. Mama Dorcas expressed concern that she didn’t have enough dominance over the babies, hence the change. Both Mama Dorcas and Amarni are happy with the arrangement. Pappy is still the other keeper with the nursery group, the babies love him.

We now have two night sentinels at the house where the nursery group is, for added security. Their names are Ombi and Leiberku. They are both doing a wonderful job.
A new keeper, Ombeni, has joined the keeping staff at the sanctuary. He is doing a great job and can even go inside the Goma group cage with the juvenile chimpanzees. Some of these chimpanzees are getting very big now and test the keepers dominance regularly. It is wonderful that Ombeni is so good with them. And a new farmer has been hired for the farm which helps to feed the animals. Doublago is very good, and the farm is going very well.
The farm

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