Sunday, June 14, 2009

An update on the 5 Aketi chimps

Aketi: Aketi being newly arrived still has sparse hair on his body. His little arms and legs are thin, but at the end of every day, his stomach is very full. He is confident and happy and always runs up to say hello.

Mangay: Mangay is an unusual little chimpanzee who spent a lot of time in the bedding on his own when I first met him. In just 6 weeks, however, his confidence has increased and he now travels around the cage much more. He is quite young, so it is normal that he doesn’t yet climb up into the hammocks like the other babies in the cage. All of the other babies love to look after Mangay, and always go to him if he cries.

Bolungwa: Bolungwa is currently in the Goma group. She is small, but extremely confident. She plays with all of the chimpanzees and tells them when she isn’t happy.

Kathe: Kathe is a quiet and sweet chimpanzee. She has found it harder to settle into the Goma Group than either Bolungwa or Django, even though she is older. She is the lowest ranked animal in the hierarchy and as such gets picked on, on occasion. She is improving every day however.

Django: Django is a quiet chimpanzee, but a favorite for all of the other animals in the group. Being a young male, all of the other chimpanzees want to be with him. Yonguesa, Felixta, Alsace, Kanabiro, Gari and Irangi are just a few of the Goma group who fight for the pleasure of carrying Django around on their back. It is quite funny to see, especially with Alsace, who is almost the same size as Django.


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cleve said...

Hi little ones! I can't believe it's been 6 months since I saw you at Aketi. I am so glad to see you are fitting in to your new habitat, and that you are so well cared for there. Buck up, Kathe ... it wasn't so long ago you were the Big Boss!