Thursday, May 31, 2012

The babies move house!

Walikale and Itebero - attached at the hip!

About a 2 minute walk from the sanctuary there is a small cage which was originally built as a short term quarantine cage for one or two chimpanzees. Unfortunately, infant chimpanzees were confiscated at an alarming rate over the past 5 years, meaning this cage became very full, very fast! Not having anywhere else to house these infants, they all stayed in this area. Within the sanctuary there is a larger cage in which the juveniles were housed. Now all of the juveniles (and some of the older infants) have been moved to the forest. This has left this larger, better equipped cage free for the infants! They have moved in and are so happy with the extra space! It is still a cage – so we have plans to continue constructions at the CRPL to build an infant habitat (and much more)! In the meantime, this is a step up from their old home and they love the extra room!

In the absence of Fizi, Maiko and the other older infants the babies have had to reorganise their structure. Butembo has stepped up to take on the dominant role and Aketi is making a great second in charge! Walikale and Itebero are both doing well, but are joined at the hip most of the time! Slowly they are starting to explore independent of each other, but it will take time. And Rambo never stops playing; he barley makes time to eat! They still have a caregiver with them 24 hours a day due to the fact that some of them are so young!

Lots of changes are happening for the better at the CRPL! More updates to come.
 Aketi - second in charge
 Butembo - the new boss
 Lulinga and Walikale
 Mangay and Rambo laughing

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