Wednesday, May 9, 2012

More chimpanzees move to the forest!

Kathe - loving climbing the trees!

There are now 10 chimpanzees in the ‘Chimpanzee Habitat’! On the 7th of May the CRPL team moved Bolungwa, Kathe and Pablo from the sanctuary to the new facility. They spent day one in the dormitory to recover from the light anaesthesia used to assist in their transport. On the 8th of May the 7 which had previously been moved were let out into the forest and a few minutes later the 3 new chimpanzees were released after them. They had never before met each other so this was a new day all around. It went perfectly! Kathe, Bolungwa and Pablo all took well to the forest and their new friends!

Kathe was particularly confident – she immediately climbed trees and ate anything she could find! Kathe even tried to break a nut she found in the forest with stones. We are really interested to see what other behaviours the chimpanzees begin to show once in this great environment.

Maiko, Fizi, Julius, Misisi, Monique, Ituri and Uvira have all settled in really well and are now playing a lot and exploring more of the forest with their caregivers and the 3 new residents! We will continue to keep you updated – more chimpanzees will move to the forest soon!

                                    Bolungwa relaxing                                                          Fizi and Uvira playing

Laid back Ituri!

Bolungwa following her long time friend Kathe in the forest

Beautiful Maiko

Misisi climbing and eating

Pablo leading the way with Bolungwa close behind

Thoughtful Pablo

 Uvira, Monique, Kathe and Fizi

Gorgeous Uvira

After a long day Bolungwa and Pablo have some quiet time with caregiver Claude

UPDATE ON THE INFANT CAGE: As you know, we still have a facility with the smaller of the infants in it. Walikale and Itebero have now moved in with these infants and are doing very well.

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