Monday, May 14, 2012

Gari, Alsace and Kanish join the forest group!

Yesterday Gari, Alsace and Kanshi were the latest to join the steadily growing group in the forest! All went very well once again with the 3 new additions coming out and exploring immediately.

Gari, who is an extremely intelligent and cheeky chimpanzee, is the one we have all thought would test the full capacity of the new habitat. He spent the first day in the dormitory and tested it from top to bottom. Once in the enclosure he also made sure to test the electric fencing – he soon discovered this wasn’t a fun pastime! Instead he turned his attention to exploring the forest!

Gari, Alsace and Kanshi were all very happy to find their friends who had left them a few days before. And they were also happy to become acquainted to the older of the infants who first moved into the forest.

 We now have 16 chimpanzees in the forest habitat! The good news will continue to come.

 Gari very happy to meet Fizi for the first time
 Gari, Alsace and Muhungu
 Kanshi in the bushes
 Monique and Ituri hanging out
Exploring the forest!!!

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