Saturday, May 26, 2012

Kenya and Kamituga have been close since arriving at CRPL, here they are getting to know Chantal (left)

After a very busy week in Lwiro and bad internet connection we have another update for you! We now have 30 chimpanzees in their forest home and they are doing very well. So far we have a mix of 4 different groups including older infants, juveniles and adult females. On Wednesday Bahene, Kama, Felixta and Yonguesa joined the new group. The integration went well and Felixta chose to sleep in the forest that night. Some days the chimpanzees choose to sleep outside – this is not a problem as we want them to feel comfortable. This whole process is very daunting for them – the next night she joined the group inside.

On Thursday Irangi, Kamituga and Kenya were relocated – we wanted to do this the next day so that they wouldn’t be on their own for too long. All went well with their integration too. Irangi, who was very dominant in the juvenile group was very sweet with the little boys. Fizi and Julius in particular thought Irangi was very cool! They have been close by each other since meeting.

The four oldest girls – Biega, Chantal, Kitiko and Sergine – are doing well. It has been the most challenging for them to adjust to this huge new space after such a long time in their cage. They have spent a few nights in the forest since integration, but the last few nights they were the first ones to come into the dormitory! We are so happy with their progress and the progress of all of the chimpanzees. We have been pleasantly surprised with how well all of the chimpanzees have taken this new adventure in their stride.  More chimpanzees will soon join the enclosure and we will keep you posted on the progress of everyone!

 Irangi and Clara (back)
 Felixta in the forest
 Let's try everything!!!
 Just hanging out!!!
 Irangi meeting Fizi and Julius for the first time
 Irangi and his entourage - Julius and Fizi
 Irangi and Clara (back)
The gorgeous Kama

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